Game Theory

Before, I always thought that the mathematics stuff was not my thing. But sometimes you have to revise your opinions. Eventually, 2006 I discovered game theory, and since that time I work intensively on it. Particularly exciting are for me the issues of reciprocity and cooperation. I deal mainly with the application of Game Theory in the social and political sciences.

Social Psychology

For some time I am interested in social psychology. Particularly in issues of social influence, manipulation, the psychology of decisions and mass psychology. Since I professionally deal with Internet themes, my special interest is dedicates to the psychology of the Internet.

Man and machine

Two aspects of the relationship between a man and a machine are especially fascinating for me. On the one hand cybernetics, the art of control and regulation of various systems, especially humans and machines. On the other hand, the human-machine interaction (currently mainly human-computer interaction and web usability)