I’m dealing with different aspects of usability, accessibility and user experience. From defining goals and objectives, creating personae and scenarios, information architecture, prototyping to card sorting, usability tests, A/B tests and heuristic analysis. I am certified as a Usability Analyst at Human Factors International

Online Marketing

I design, set up and optimize online marketing campaigns. I have focused primarly on Google AdWords, both the search and display advertising network. I am a qualified AdWords specialist via Google AdWords Certification Program. I also run affiliate marketing campaigns on networks like Zanox, TradeDoubler and AffiliNet, as well ad self-service ad campaigns in social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn

Planning and Strategy

I develop integrated strategy concepts, mainly focusing on conversion optimization. Such strategy can include for example the concept of the website or application in consideration of usability, accessibility, serch engin optimization and choice architecture, performance marketing concept, social media strategy, grassroots marketing, design of applications for smartphones and tablets and more.

Web Analytics

I develope tracking concepts for the website analysis (traffic, navigation, conversions, referrals), analysis of the effectiveness of marketing activities as well as the social media resonance. I have been working with the most common analysis software (both proprietary and open source), for example: Google Analytics, Webtrekk, eTracker, Piwik.