Public speaking

Public speaking used to be my worst nightmare, as it is for most introverts. I was asked to speak at a conference tor the first time six years ago. This one ended in a total disaster. At this point I decided that it will never happen again. I started working with coaches (Bianca and Sarah) and speaking regularly at tech conferences and meetups. My anxiety is not gone, but I learned to manage it and even started to enjoy being on stage (in a kind of a love-hate relationship ;)). I usually give speeches in English or German, rarely in my mother tongue Polish. I’m working on polishing my Russian enough to be able to give a talk in this language as well. Currently I’m focusing on AI an it’s effects on design and on society, but I used to speak about a number of other innovation- and UX-related topics in the past.


Artificial Intelligence = Artificial Immortality? (German, Digina 2017)

Artifical Intelligence & Design. The End of User Experience as we know it? (English, Mobile Era 2016)


Digital Innovation Breakfast: SportTech (German, CREATIVE CONSTRUCTION 2018)